Primer Review

1)Rimmel- Lasting Finish Primer

I am not exactly a make up expert, and I never used Primers until recently. I got inspired to use primer after watching thousasnds of youtube videos. I assumed that all primers would make m skin look flawless. However, I was totally wrong! I got the Rimmel Primer because it was affordable and I assumed that it would do the job. The Rimmel Primer is packaged nicely, but it did me no favors. It was super thick and literally felt like glue on my skin. It didnt’t help cover my pores either. For me, this primer was a flop. If you guys have any tips on how to use this primer let me know. If you guys also don’t like it, then let me know as well!

2) Soap and Glory Feel Good Factor (all in one Primer, Moisturizer and UV-Protector)

I got this product to replace the Rimmel Primer, but this also fell short. The packaging of all Soap and Glory products are so pretty and they all smell great, sadly this product didn’t live up to its cutesy packaging. While this is definitely better then the Rimmel Primer, its not great. I have combination skin and I didn’t enjoy this much. It didn’t do much to cover my pores or smoothen out my skin. I would not recommend this product to others, but obviously feel free to try whatever you want. Different products work well on different skin types.

3) The Porefessional (Benefit)

For a change, here is a product I love. This Primer is seriously AMAZING! It’s super light weight, doesn’t have a glue like consistency, and you can visibly see it covering your pores. It is a little on the pricey side, but it’s well worth it. I am so glad I found this product because it is seriously amazing. I just can’t stop using it. If you guys know of any other good primers please let me know. 🙂



3 thoughts on “Primer Review

  1. The Porefessional primer is an absolute staple in my makeup routine, I absolutely love it. Recently I got a primer by Dr. Brandt called pores no more (pore refiner primer) and it works just as great. I actually feel like it does an even better job at covering up my pores than the other one which is pretty impressive. Great post! xx


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