Sephora Fiber Mask Review

Hey everyone!

I am not very high maintenance, but every so often I like to pamper myself and try out new masks. I recently bought a few Sephora Fiber Masks and decided to try them out. Sephora has 8 different masks, and each mask is sold in an individual round packet.I tried the Pomegranate (anti-fatique &energizing), Lingzhi (Anti-aging &smoothing), and the Pearl (perfecting &brightening). I have a small face, so the masks were a little big around the edges, but that didn’t create any problems for me, I simply folded the edges a little.You are supposed to leave the mask on for 15 minutes and then you are supposed to massage your face lightly. Normally I am not too impressed with such masks,  but this time I was pleasantly surprised. After using the masks, my skin felt very soft and moisturised and looked bright and radiant. I would recommend this if you want to have a little pampering session at home. I personally cannot wait to try the remaining masks.

Let me know if you have tried their masks and also let me know what you thought. 🙂

Image 10-29-15 at 11.51 PM


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